Rural Computer Literacy Program

Computer Training Needs


To train orphans in vocational skills
and develop computer literacy in the community around us.

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Currently, we have 103 students coming on a regular basis to take computer classes, 72% of whom are orphans, plus another 56 young people on the waiting list. This is very difficult, and we have to teach up to late in the evening because the computers are few, but the results are so rewarding. Many people are now traveling very long distances, past Jinja Town to our Center in a semi rural area!

We intend to open another computer training center with at least 10 Computers.

This Village is about 20 miles from the main office, and people under our program find it difficult to tavel all this distance. We intend to have this center in this Village because there is literally nothing people know about computers... even people  that have had some schooling have no knowledge about computers, yet computers are becoming like a part of daily life! Only the people that have had their Schooling in towns have a slight chance of being able to get computer training.

This Village is one of those with the highest concentration of AIDS orphans under our program, and we really would like to provide this facility so the orphans and Widows under our program can also get this skill.

 With about 10 more computers, monitors and keyboards, preferably new (though a used one of Pentium II level or higher would be wonderful), we will be able to increase our efforts, and also do some secretarial work for the community around us at a minimal charge. This would allow us to raise money for more children to go to school, and also to run AOET.


For more information on the costs and more information about this new computer center, people can contact the Communications and Development office at: