AOET Guest House




The overall objective of our Guest house is to host all our Guests ourselves as a ministry.
We have volunteers now and then, - some staying for a week, others for a month, 3 months... and it was very difficult to have all of them check into nearby Hotels, stay with Staff members...
Although still in need of a few touches here and there, Our Guest house is well situated - close to AOET Offices (Walking distance) and can host from 1 - 25 people at the same time. It currently has a Kitchen, has 5 rooms for single people, and one room for a couple, (although arrangements for more couples can be made) a small lounge, back yard, Bathrooms/Toilets, .... It has a good fence all around it for privacy and a nice Garden where you can sit and read a book or just bask in the sun.
For more information about the Guest House, booking, ...
Please email the Office at: or cal +256-77-733064.



Lounging Area





Dining Area