AOET HIV/AIDS Action Plan and Activities

HIV/AIDS Awareness



  •  To provide accessible treatment for rural communities.

a. To have ambulance services for quick transportation and emergency care for critical cases that need referrals, around villages of operation to the affiliated medical center.

b.  Mobile clinics in rural places to bring health care as close to the rural communities as possible. Liaise with AOET community-based representatives in charge of publicity and arrangements. These are Divided into three departments (registration, consultation, dispensing, and counseling) We then treat the mobilized community members.


  •  To Create a strong Awareness drive in the rural areas about the spread and effects of AIDS, - How it is spread, How it is not, How to prevent it, caring for the sick.

 Using Film Projectors, Mass mobilization, Home-to-home, One on one, Music and drama by People living with AIDS.



  •  Improve and teach communities the importance and the practice of HOME BASED CARE.

The health strategy here is working through community-based representatives to meet people living with AIDS in their homes (Home-based care) and are weakened by the virus. This is done on two levels,

Level one is:

Care offered by our staff to those that need this kind of attention.

Level two is:

Care taker education where we train relatives and friends of people in late stages of HIV/AIDS on how to give the care that such patients need.


  • To increase awareness and accessibility to voluntary counseling and testing.

 This is done in two ways: - one is identifying needs through counseling and focusing those with needs to prepared attendants.

Two is to screen for HIV/AIDS. Patients with HIV positive status are given consultation cards for follow up and identification for home based care and counseling for those that may prefer to have it and need it.



  •  To create interactive forums for rural communities and students - hence opening the door for open discussion about HIV/AIDS objectively as opposed to blaming it on witchcraft...

a. We Work with school heads in mobilizing schools' and institutions - students and staff for mass open HIV/AIDS Awareness sessions and after which the question and answer sessions.

b. We are Compiling a question and answer book for distribution to schools and institutions.

c. We organizing community representatives to mobilize local communities in our area of operations then run an open session of awareness followed by question and answer.

d. Visit homes and have closed open talks with family members.


  • Counseling.

In counseling the idea is to reaffirm, give hope and provide an environment for care and listening to the problems and challenges of the clients.



(Mark Hardecre - an Eye Doctor from Crossroads Community Church.)




 i.  To reduce the HIV/AIDS prevalence from the present figures by 25% through the awareness programs in our areas of operation given the funding we need.

 ii.  To increase the number of tested people in rural areas - at least of the population of each area of operation, in the next five years.

 iii.  To improve the quality of life of people living with HIV and AIDS.

 iv. To sustain the community social structure through the provision of Medical care especially for people living with AIDS as a way of prolonging their lives so they can prepare for their Children who will soon be orphans especially in NAGAMULI village where prevalence is so high.

v. As an organization, have our findings/statistics reflected in the national statistics on an annual basis.