Our Plan For Orphans

Our Plan

After identifying the orphans that require immediate action, the administration of AIDS ORPHANS EDUCATION TRUST - Uganda tries to find their immediate living relatives (uncle, aunt, or cousin). We then ask this relative what (s)he thinks is best for the child before a decision is made.

Together with the relatives' input and the child's preferences, we decide whether this child should go into formal education or vocational training. Normally, younger children and teenagers who were in school when their parents died, go into formal education. Older young men and women generally go into vocational training.

Currently, our orphans' vocational training consists primarily of computer training.

We decided to begin with computing because our research revealed that many companies wanted to employ young people who are already computer literate. That seemed to be the best avenue to provide sure employment.

For instance, even petrol (gas) stations want their pump attendants to be familiar with computers, as their pumps are computerized, and they don't have time to train on-the-job.

Also, due to the lack of computer skills in our community, people often have to travel up to 80 km to Kampala, the capital city, to have small services done for them. We plan to change that by providing a broad range of computer skills. We currently have six computers that are used for training, and need four additional ones for this project. A used, reconditioned "complete" PC here in Uganda is about $700 USD.

As funds become available, we intend to add courses in carpentry. We are also planning to add driving lessons by the end of this year.