Volunteer Opportunities


We have lots of activities a mission Team, a Pair, or a single person with an interest to volunteer in Uganda can help with.


RURAL HEALTH Initiative.

This Deals with Counseling and Testing people for HIV; Under this department we also have a Mobile Clinic that goes out into the rural areas twice a week treating people with AIDS, and General ailments, then we have a stationed Clinic which operates at our Main base serving about 4 communities. * Anyone with any kind of medical background can work in any of these fields. If you don’t have any medical training whatsoever, you still can help alongside trained AOET staff. We need Doctors, Nurses... (including Dentists... matter of fact, we have a Dental Kit that a Visiting Dentist on a trip can use in the villages while here).


Child Welfare Department

We have over 400 Children that are in our Direct School Sponsorship program. These Children are AIDS Orphans and really without the support from AOET would either be on the streets or ... Only God knows where! We know God takes care of His own, all Children are his and so he is using AOET to give them a future. Alongside this; We have over 1,000 AIDS Orphans that we take care of through our Empowerment program. Here we take Widows, give them Vocational Skills for about a year; after graduation we give them startup equipment and funds to start a small business, and this then helps the widow be able to take care of the many Children in her family without depending on AOET. So teams or individuals with an interest in the Child welfare department can help with Home Visits, Counseling, School evaluation visits to see how the Children are doing, games, Teaching,


Rehaboth School

Here we have over 140 Children. Rehaboth School goes from Kindergarten, through 4th grade. A mission Team/volunteers can help with Games at the School, If there are qualified Teachers on the Team they can work with the Local Teachers... Teams can also bring stationery - work books, Pencils, playing items for the Children...


Vocational training

We Teach Widows, orphans and the general public vocational skills. These range from Computer Knowledge (Microsoft Office packages – world, Excell, PowerPoint, Publisher, …), a few graphics programs e.t.c, though Carpentry, Crocheting, Knitting, Sewing (Tailoring), Bee keeping, e.t.c Volunteers with knowledge of these trades can help with the training. We are hoping to buy a car so we can start Teaching Driving Skills. A car for this purpose will cost about $4,000 US Dollars. Would you like to be the founder/ Pioneer of this Skill with AOET? Or do you have any means of helping raise funds for it or know of a group or groups that can give or help fundraise for it? AOET would be VERY GRATEFUL! That would then add another valuable skill to our already existing ones; and that would be another skill volunteers can help with.


Rehaboth Children’s Village Construction

We are also in the process of starting on the Construction of Rehaboth Childrens Village where we will have close to 100 People. This Village will take in Children that have lost their parents to AIDS and are not able to be placed in any family for fostering. Construction of the Houses and all the other details are going to be expensive, and we request that if you have Engineering Skills, Plumbing, Construction, Carpentry, electrical etc, and would like to help, PLEASE send an Email to aoet-admin@aoet.org so we can put you in contact with the organization that has already helped us secure the Land for the Village and will be coordinating Teams, Church mission groups, Volunteers e.t.c that want to come and help set up this village for these children. This organization is based in the United States.



We always need people to work with the Child Welfare department especially doing administrative work. There is also AOET office work, e.t.c Here, administrators spend most of their time working at the office, but also move out to the villages on Mobile Clinics, or on what ever activity is taking place time to time to just get an overall view and feeling of what else AOET does.



Then we ALWAYS HAVE lots of work - Painting, Construction, … that a Volunteer or Teams could help with. We need Teachers, Evangelists, Construction workers, administrators/managers, ... your skills for the time you will be with us will be adequately put to great use, and you will live to remember your experience with AOET. We have AOET in Kenya and AOET in Zambia besides the AOET in Uganda being the Main AOET Base and so you can decide which AOET country program you would like to be a part of. Details of the Ugandan AOET program can be found on our Website: www.aoet.org . You can also find info on the other AOET country programs on the same Website.