What We Do

What We
    1. Orphans' Education and Placement
    2. Widows' Empowerment Program
    3. Computer Training
    4. Rural HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs
    5. Mobile Clinics
    6. Evangelism and Mercy Ministries


AOET-Uganda is a ministry whose mission is to meet the needs of people who are either infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in the villages around Jinja, Kamuli, Iganga, Mukono Mayuge and soon, Kisoro - Uganda, by educating orphaned children; and providing vocational training, health care, and spiritual counseling and hope to both orphans and widows.



We help orphaned children access to education by providing for the needs they have to be able to go to school. Right now, the extended family in Uganda is so overburdened that not many people are able to take on children whose parents have died, as this means a life-long commitment. As a result, the streets of our towns and cities are seeing many orphaned children who do not have anyone to look after them, and they live a life of beggars on the streets.

FIRST,  we are involved in helping children like these be placed in families, especially that they are related to, to keep the father/mother figure concept in their lives. One of the Founding Vision Statements of this organization is - "Children will not be institutionalized". Research and experience have shown that a child needs a FAMILY, not an Institution, to have a healthy and balanced life, especially in the early years of its life! Therefore, when children are orphaned, we attempt to place them with relatives or others who can care for them responsibly.

SECOND, we provide for their needs at school including school fees and  scholastic materials,  as well as food and clothes.


THIRD , we have founded a school with 100 children so far called REHABOTH Integrated School, in which orphaned children start their Kindergarten and Primary 1 Classes. We intend to add several other classes to the school as we get the support we need for construction and additional teachers.



Together with helping children, we aid widows, whose husbands have died of AIDS, to look after their families by giving them vocational skills.  Some of the training that we are currently offering are: tailoring, African arts / crafts, knitting,  and computer training.  Several widows we have trained now have jobs that they either have created or have been offered as a result of their training with AOET.




Older orphans and some widows are offered computer training to acquire the skills to become self-sufficient. We also offer Computer training to the people in communities around our Training Center. For the people who are not orphans or widows, we request that they make a financial contribution for their training, which goes towards servicing the machines we use as well as helping with the children's fund for school fees and supplies.




For the past four years, Aids Orphans Education Trust - Uganda has been involved in HIV/AIDS Awareness programs deep in the villages TEACHING people about HIV/AIDS - what it is, what it is not, how it is spread, and how people can protect themselves from getting infected. Additionally, villagers are encouraged to undergo HIV testing, which AOET offers.   In the villages there are so many cultural beliefs and practices that are in themselves intended to be positive, but are becoming a threat in spreading HIV/AIDS.    One of them is the wife inheriting, where a brother inherits the wife of the deceased; and in most cases, the deceased has died of AIDS. Another one is circumcision, in which, as a symbol of unity, several children are circumcised at the same time with the same knife without sterilizing it.   We have taken it upon ourselves as an organization to go deep into the villages where most people don't have information about AIDS. We realize that it is much less expensive and more productive to teach people about HIV and AIDS, hence giving them the tools to avoid it, than caring for thousands of orphans as a result of ignorance. We also visit schools and centers where youths congregate to offer  teaching and counseling in HIV/AIDS related topics.


(We run Mobile Clinics deep in the rural areas where there is little or no medical attention to the people.)


While caring for the children through visiting homes, it became necessary for us to develop a program that cares for people with HIV/AIDS. We felt deeply in our hearts the need to start a MOBILE CLINIC. With almost no funds, we started by counseling people living with HIV/AIDS. We used public transport since AOET-Uganda didn't have a car at the time, and each of our volunteers had to pay their own fare to the project area. Later, staff members began collecting money among ourselves as a step of faith to buy simple drugs to give to the sick we encountered in the villages. The Mobile clinic slowly grew, and now we have a vehicle for transportation to the villages.

We have developed a mobile clinic that goes into villages on a regular basis, treating children and adults with AIDS. Our mobile clinic administers drugs, offers counseling and home based care for people with HIV/AIDS. Nearly every family deep in the villages has a member of the family sick, or has had a close relative die of AIDS!

A few of the children have lost one parent to AIDS, and that leaves the other parent with the disease too. Some of the children have AIDS themselves, passed down from mother to child at birth and through breastfeeding.

When the parent finally gets weak and is about to die, a child in such a home becomes the husband, the father, and the mother. This child has to care for the dying parent in addition to attempting to go to school and caring for younger sisters and brothers.

In a situation like this, there is usually no money at all, so the dying patients can't even afford the simplest medical treatment to help with their ailments. These conditions normally attack patients and weaken them further, leaving them with a very short time to live.

We now have a nurse and a clinical worker, and a part-time doctor who visits once a week to deal with the more complicated cases that a nurse can't handle. Because of funding limitations, we are not able to use the doctor very often.

In addition to the mobile clinic, we also employ a crusade approach whereby we can mobilize an entire parish at one time (mass approach). Additionally, we use the home-to-home approach where we meet only one, two or three people at a time.

In total, we work in 63 different villages in three counties in Uganda. While caring for the children, it became necessary for us to develop a program that cares for HIV/AIDS patients. A few of the children have lost one parent to AIDS, and that leaves the other parent with the disease too, and some of the Children have Aids themselves passed down from mother to Child at birth, through breast feeding.


Our Evangelism offers spiritual help and comfort through which we have seen many people give their lives to the Lord, and material help - be it food, clothes.for AIDS-affected families and those families with children we care for.

In executing this mission, we are embracing the scripture in Psalms 68:5-6:

"A father to the fatherless,
and a judge for the widows is God in his holy habitation.
God makes a home for the lonely.
He leads out the prisoners into prosperity."






We are administering drugs - helping patients with minor secondary ailments.

The money we are using to run the Mobile Clinic is raise both Locally and through Friends and People who Visit either our Website or Visit us at our base in Uganda from other countries. It hasn't been easy to run such a Vital ministry without a proper source of Income, but we have decided to hang on in there and help as many as we can with the resources at hand at that particular time. We NEED your help.

Given proper funding, AOET - Uganda will have great impact - not only on the children, but also on the patients in many ways. By treating opportunistic diseases these patients have on a regular basis, it helps them live a bit longer to help organize and plan for their families as most are not prepared for this until they see signs and symptoms of AIDS begin to develop.

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We are involved in teaching the communities about HIV/AIDS -- what it is, how it is spread, and how people can protect themselves from getting infected.

We use a TV and VCR with video tapes about HIV/AIDS, NUTRITION, SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES. in our work with these communities in 63 different Villages within 5 Districts in Ugnada (a District is like a county in the US).  We have a TV and VCR but AOET - Uganda still has to rent the GENERATOR that we use to show these videos every time we go out. We are trusting God to provide the funds for our own generator.

We also employ a crusade approach whereby we can mobilize an entire parish at one time (mass approach).

Then we also use the home-to-home approach where we meet only one, two or three people at a time.

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As Already stated, we are involved in providing appropriate help basing on evaluations of need to the Patients and orphans. This help normally consists of Blankets for the sick, food, Laundry Soap, clothes.depending on the need of the patient or orphan.

If you have some clothes or shoes, blankets. that you can send to help the Children,
 PLEASE send them.